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CatVers Festa Major

We promote digital creative talent in Catalonia

From November 2nd to December 1st, come to the CatVers' Festa Major!

It is traditional in many major holidays for people to decorate the streets, and compete in different categories to see who is the winner. The CatVers Festival is inspired by this tradition, to allow Catalan institutions and entities to collaborate with professionals and students to model their own virtual reality room according to their interests, creating from scratch their space, the objects, and the experiences that users can find there.


Enjoy the first immersive Festa Major in Catalonia, come to Catvers!

Festa Major Web.png

If this is the first time you access it, and you have doubts, this video tutorial will help you:

GIF Inici Sessió.gif

The Agenda of the Festa Major


During the CatVers Festival, in addition to visiting rooms, attendees will also be able to participate in different experiences carried out by the entities that have created these spaces.

Here you can find a calendar with all the activities planned for this month of party in virtual reality!

As in the traditional Festivals,
the CatVers winning room deserves recognition

That is why users who have visited the Festa Major can vote for the room they liked the most. Once the Festa Major is over, the CBCat will hold a ceremony where an award will be given to the creator of the room with the most votes, as well as recognition of the most highly rated spaces.

Voting is done through the Discord platform, which CBCat uses to stay in touch with its audience, and which we recommend you keep an eye on to learn about all the latest blockchain and metaverse news. Under the button to vote, you will find a video tutorial that explains how to carry out the procedure.


Have you already attended the CatVers Festival?

Don't forget to vote for the room you liked the most!

Here is a short video with the steps to follow in order to vote:

GIF Votacions.gif
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